1986 Diamond Back Ascent Update!


I have completed the rebuild of the Ascent. It was a clean bike to start with so it really didnt take much. I did update the tires to some MTB Knobbies and replaced the black riser bars with the wrong clamp diameter. with some chrome flat bars.

A good clean up and new cables is all it took.


DB Cro-Mo Sticker on the Fork and Tange MTB Frame Sticker.


Original Sugino GT Cranks in great shape and the Diamond back Sticker on the bottom of the seat tube


Original Suzue “sealed hubs” on the flip side is the original Shimano 5 Speed Freewheel. Even the original Chrome Spoke Protector was in great shape. I usually take them off but it was in such good shape i decided to leave it on.


The Flat bars and Shimano AT50 Brake levers with Friction shifting. (yes pre SIS)


The Shimano AT50 Cantilever brakes were in great shape so they just got a clean up and brake pads were scuffed up.



1989 Centurion Ironman Expert

1989 Centurion Ironman before images:


60 CM frame, Frame gfx are in pretty good shape. alot of scratches on the frame itself. The rear wheel is incorrect for the bike. the brake cable is to short, not even enough to go through all of the braze ons. Brake levers are not the original Suntour GPX but DiaCompe Gran Compes. i did dig the red cables and red hood and bar tape ND0_0496

Original Suntour GPX Cranks with GPX front deraileur


Suntour GPX Rear Derailuer and replacement Shimano 7 speed Freewheel


Suntour GPX Brake calipers. they are kind of neat as they have hidden brake springs.. Look ma no springs.


Crazy late 80’s decals nothing could be without geometric shapes. higher quality frame with Tange #1 tubing


Logo says it all Expert IronMan Dave Scott.


If you would like to learn more about Centurion Bicycles

check out this site vintage-centurion.com


Shimano 600 EX SIS Ad

Shimano600SIS Ad

There was a time when Index Shifting didn’t exsist, you shifted gears by just moving the shift lever until it started to shift then move it some more until it stopped making noises and was in the next gear that you may or may not wanted. in about 1986 or so Shimano introduced an Index shifting system that you moved the lever one click and it went to that gear, no fuss no muss, they termed it SIS for “Shimano Indexed Shifting” the upper range grouppo Shimano 600 was the first one to be released to the masses. It was already on Dura Ace but at the pro level with alot of limitations on gearing. later to be used on the whole Shimano range including the new grouppo 105. the SIS became the standard for all derailleur systems. Suntour and Campagnolo later followed with Suntour Accushift and Campgnolo Synchro.

Fat bikes here I come!

So you may or may not be aware of a new trend in bicycling. its called Fat Bikes. and they are basically mountain bikes that have a lot larger tires. Fat bikes have been around for years, they were custom bikes that were used for snow racing. Then a bicycle company called Surly, started mass producing these bikes the bike was called a Pugsley It looked almost comical because of the huge tires. later on Surly came out with a bike with even larger tires appropriately called the “Moonlander”. and now today many companies are making fat bikes, companies such as Trek and Specialized are offering FatBikes along with Pacific Cycles owner Mongoose, and the revived Motobecane. the Mongoose has the entry level market with the Mongoose Beast ($199) and the Dolomite ($250). And Motobecane and Gravity has created a nice sub $1000 market. with Borealis, Salsa, Origin 8, Specialized, and Trek among numerous others getting in the $1000 and up bikes. Surly is still making their “Pugsley” and “Moonlander” along with other models like “Ice Cream Truck”

I have gone after the sub $1000 range of FatBikes and have picked up the Motobecane “Boris” this is the X7 model in Burnt Orange. I picked it up from Bikes Direct, they ship the bike straight to you,

Some Assembly required,


yup this is not a bike that you pick up from your Local Bike Shop. the setup work has to be done, at this point you have two choices

1. take the bike to the Local Bike Shop and pay them to setup the bike for you.

2. is Do it yourself! if you have the tools and the knowledge

I’m going with option 2.

1st Impressions:

Packaging: The bike was pretty well packed and there was no damage to the bike in transit. the picture above was just after i cut the front tire away and was able to pull the frame out of the box.


The paint job is really nice i like the color of the frame its a darker orange metallic. (don’t worry most of these Boris models came in other colors the X7 also came in Matte Black, Ocean Blue, and Lilac.) the posted specs for the bike and the actual bike were the same (to many times things change and you don’t quite get what you thought you were getting. ) welds are clean and complete. there is minimum badging on it. it has a Motobecane headbadge and sticker on the seat tube, along with Motobecane spelled out on the downtube, overall i think nicely understated.

I will post more pictures when i get the bike built and tuned up and give a first impression on the initial ride.

Im out.. Go West!

New Project: 1986 Trek 560

For my time with the local Bike Co-op i earned this classic 1986 Trek 560, this bike is in good shape, it is all original except for the tires and the possibly the Bar tape. the 560 was one of the top end Road Bikes for Trek in the mid 80’s in this case in 1986 there were two bikes that were above the 560 but i feel that the 560 is a more important bike that the 760 and 770, since the 560 was the only one of the three that had the Brand new Shimano 600EX SIS gruppo. this was a big deal  since this was the first gruppo that had the new Shimano Index System or SIS. which has changed the cycling industry since its introduction.  Almost all bikes now that have multiple gears use an indexed shifting system.


This 560 is in pretty good shape, its mostly all original, Down to the original Seat, water bottle cage and handlebars. As for what im gonna do with it, well it will stay mostly complete, although i was thinking about doing some upgrades so i can enjoy it more, which basically means updating the Pedals and Saddle .  Nothing to crazy just some mild updates on it.

Rear Deraileur: Shimano 600EX SIS

Front Deraileur: Shimano 600 ex 6200 Series

Shifters: Shimano 600EX SIS 6 Speed

Cranks: Shimano 600EX Biopace (will probably update to non Biopace Chainrings)

Pedals: Shimano 600EX Toe Clipped Pedal.

Brakes: Shimano 600EX

Brake Levers: Shimano 600EX (probably will change out to 105 SLR levers til the proper 600EX Aero hoods can be acquired)

Wheels : Stock Matrix Wheels with Bontrager Tires.

Seat: Stock San Marco Aero Suede Black leather.

Stem: “Custom” Stem 100mm