1989 Centurion Ironman Expert

1989 Centurion Ironman before images:


60 CM frame, Frame gfx are in pretty good shape. alot of scratches on the frame itself. The rear wheel is incorrect for the bike. the brake cable is to short, not even enough to go through all of the braze ons. Brake levers are not the original Suntour GPX but DiaCompe Gran Compes. i did dig the red cables and red hood and bar tape ND0_0496

Original Suntour GPX Cranks with GPX front deraileur


Suntour GPX Rear Derailuer and replacement Shimano 7 speed Freewheel


Suntour GPX Brake calipers. they are kind of neat as they have hidden brake springs.. Look ma no springs.


Crazy late 80’s decals nothing could be without geometric shapes. higher quality frame with Tange #1 tubing


Logo says it all Expert IronMan Dave Scott.


If you would like to learn more about Centurion Bicycles

check out this site vintage-centurion.com



Update: 1987 Centurion Ironman Expert

2015-08-29 17.41.29

I have been enjoying this bike. i have returned the pedals back to the stock 105 Toe Clip pedals and dare i say ..yes i added back the Biopace Chainrings. the bike is original enough i felt the bike needed the original chainrings.

If you would like to learn more about centurion bicycles

check out the following  vintage-centurion.com

Update 1988 Centurion Accordo

well its been awhile since i posted photos of the Accordo, but i did get some nice updates for it. heres how it sits:



I did some updates from all the stock components to something a bit nicer 🙂

Wheels: Mavic with Shimano 600 hubs and a 105 7 speed cassette

Deraileur Shimano 600 Ultegra 7 speed

Cranks: Shimano 600 Ultegra 53t-39t (175mm arms)

Pedals: Early Dura Ace SPD

Brakes: Shimano 600 Ultegra Dual pivot

Seat Post: Vintage Campagnolo Record Aero

Seat: Sella Italia “San Marco”

Stem: Cinelli Quill Stem

That does it for the updates on the bike its looking pretty good while keeping it somewhat time period correct. On to the next Project…


Finishing up the 1988 Centurion Accordo





Finishing up the Centurion Accordo. this example is a 1988 Model. It still needs the handlebars taped and the cables properly capped.





Yes folks you read that right.. i’ve kept the BioPace chain rings. i know they are not that great. I’ve heard that they do more harm than good. but it was the “In” thing back in the Late 1980’s




Just need to dress the cables properly. I have updated this to a Shimano 105 7 Speed Derailuer.  Got the Derailuer and had to use it these RD-1055 units look nice. Its still 6 Speed but i will probably convert it to 7 Speed .. Maybe 600 Ultegra.




Gotta love the Centurion logo, with all the pastel colors and geometric shapes..it just screams 80’s

Closer look at the frame details 1988 Centurion Accordo

The time: 1980’s late 80’s to be exact, Ronald Reagan is in office and the a extremely popular TV show called Miami Vice has been on the air and has influenced the western world, the bright geometric shapes in the logo has spread everywhere. From Trapper Keepers and Watches (yes the Swatch) to the bicycles.  in the middle of this trend is a bicycle brand called Centurion. since 1986 centurion had produced many two tone bikes and used alot of bright pastel colors. from the LeMans RS and the IronMan series. this trend was going strong.


Below the Iron Man series and the LeMans RS series was a little lesser known more basic bicycle, the Accordo.


Centurion Head Tube badge. Changed alot over the years since the first centurions in the early 1970’s. These head tube badges were a sign of the times pastel colors and geometric shapes.


Common thing that the frames were designed in the US and made in Taiwan. more pastel colors and geometric shapes.


Centurion logo had remained basically the same design for a couple years in 1988. More 80’s pastel colors and geometric shapes.


CR-MO meaning Chrome Moly Steel frame made from Tange Infinity class tubing. from what i understand Tange Infinity was not very good tubing the higher end centurions had the better Tange No. 1 tubing


Two tone paint changed in 1988 and this example being the Aqua and White version