1986 Diamond Back Ascent Update!


I have completed the rebuild of the Ascent. It was a clean bike to start with so it really didnt take much. I did update the tires to some MTB Knobbies and replaced the black riser bars with the wrong clamp diameter. with some chrome flat bars.

A good clean up and new cables is all it took.


DB Cro-Mo Sticker on the Fork and Tange MTB Frame Sticker.


Original Sugino GT Cranks in great shape and the Diamond back Sticker on the bottom of the seat tube


Original Suzue “sealed hubs” on the flip side is the original Shimano 5 Speed Freewheel. Even the original Chrome Spoke Protector was in great shape. I usually take them off but it was in such good shape i decided to leave it on.


The Flat bars and Shimano AT50 Brake levers with Friction shifting. (yes pre SIS)


The Shimano AT50 Cantilever brakes were in great shape so they just got a clean up and brake pads were scuffed up.



1989 Centurion Ironman Expert

1989 Centurion Ironman before images:


60 CM frame, Frame gfx are in pretty good shape. alot of scratches on the frame itself. The rear wheel is incorrect for the bike. the brake cable is to short, not even enough to go through all of the braze ons. Brake levers are not the original Suntour GPX but DiaCompe Gran Compes. i did dig the red cables and red hood and bar tape ND0_0496

Original Suntour GPX Cranks with GPX front deraileur


Suntour GPX Rear Derailuer and replacement Shimano 7 speed Freewheel


Suntour GPX Brake calipers. they are kind of neat as they have hidden brake springs.. Look ma no springs.


Crazy late 80’s decals nothing could be without geometric shapes. higher quality frame with Tange #1 tubing


Logo says it all Expert IronMan Dave Scott.


If you would like to learn more about Centurion Bicycles

check out this site vintage-centurion.com


1986 Diamond Back Ascent

Back in 1987 for my birthday i recieved a brand new Diamond Back Ascent, This was my first Mtn Bike. It was really cool to have a real Bike. It was a Red bike with 1st gen Light Action SIS Shifting. fast forward to 2015. I found this a 1986 Diamond Back Ascent. in Chrome! These are hard to find. The Chrome in good condition is even harder to find.

2015-09-09 21.38.03Pictured here with a era correct Vetta Rack and Continental Town and Country tires.


2015-09-09 21.39.56 2015-09-09 21.40.02 2015-09-09 21.40.59 2015-09-09 21.40.43

I plan on Doing a full rebuild and clean up with the original components. and adding some mtb tread tires.

More Pics to come….

1987 Centurion Dave Scott IronMan Expert

My latest acquistion, is a 1987 Centurion Dave Scott IronMan Expert. This bike is in great shape the frame has very little scratches. it is the Magenta and Yellow paint scheme which is mistaken for Pink quite regularly. This one is a 60cm Frame. it is mostly original except for a few pieces.

I have wanted one of these for many years, in fact since they came out, i remember seeing them at the Bike Shop and hoping one day i would own one. Now i do!


The 1987 Centurion Dave Scott Ironman Expert


Expert IronMan Logo on the Top Tube


1987 Centurion Logo


Original 105 SLR Brakes (1st year of Shimano 105), Original Seatpost


View of the rear wheel, incorrect Mavic Wheel and generic toe clip pedals

20150401_082659 Centurion Head Badge and 105 Brakes, 105 Headset.


T&C Surf Designs 1980’s Shirt Art





Ok who remembers these.. i know growing up in California in the 80’s these shirts were really popular, these were the designs i had shirts of, these were so cool and i was always excited to see the new designs coming out. unfortunately they dont make these shirts  anymore. but check out the artists website Steven Azar is his name and he is the creator of these and alot of other great material.