1981 Trek 613


2016-07-15 17.08.47Available at the local CO-OP was this beautiful blue Trek, with further investigation and the great info at vintage-trek.com i was able to figure out it was a 1981 Trek 613, Built October 1980. The only issues with it was that the rear triangle was out by 4mm’s and there was a dent in the down tube under the waterbottle cage clamps. other than this the bike was pretty original. This bike was slated to be scrapped and the parts to be reused. So it was decision time.. do I try to fix the frame and save the bike or just wait for another bike that is in better shape?

Unable to see the bike get parted out and for the fact it was a 24″ frame i decided to buy it and see if i could get some things fixed.

Year: 1981


Model: 613

Size: 24″

Color: Gunmetal Blue

SN N4M0xxx

More Images of bike at time of purchase:2015-10-02 21.32.52

2015-10-02 21.32.12

1st Generation Trek Bicycle Logo

2015-10-02 21.32.27

Stock Dia-Compe Single Pivot-Side Pull Brake Calipers.

2015-10-02 21.31.32

SR Cranks

2015-10-02 21.31.26

SunTour VX GT Rear Derailuer.

2016-02-20 12.58.11

Whats left of the Reynolds 531 Main Tubes Decal.

1/08/2016: Stripped down bike to evaluate frame condition. Decision time! to keep or not to keep..

2/24/2016: Decided to keep the bike and start fixing it. since the bike was already stripped I straightened the rear triangle back to spec.less than a MM off now. To fix the dent in the down tube i ordered a tubing block. the tube size was 1 1/8″ I got the Frame block here: Paragon Machine Works

3/02/2016: worked out the dent and got it out except for a small dent on the tube. the rest of the dent was pulled out.

Before:2016-03-02 20.53.56

After: (coming soon)

More on using the frame blocks to roll the dent Chuck Kichline


After pulling out the dent in the downtube and resettiing the rear triangle. I decided to go ahead and started reassembly. I will still need to touch up the paint to protect the finish.  I had a Avenir Classic series saddle in the parts stash that i was going to use it at first if i really use the bike alot i will upgrade it to a brooks saddle. Since the seat was brown and the Diacompe Gum Hoods were in great shape i decided to keep the bike mostly stock. along with the seat the Cinelli Bars and Cinelli clamp were added for a better fit. given i had this brown i decided to be a bit different and use Origin 8 Brown Handlebar tape. this seems to tie the pieces together and I will use white Shift/ Brake cables to help bring out the white trek logo on the seattube. All parts were cleaned before reassembly.

2016-03-20 18.29.17
2016-03-20 18.29.54

SR Cranks and Suntour VX-GT Deraileurs.