Look Ad circa 1986

Look Ad

Another wonderful invention that was introduced in the mid 80’s was the clipless pedal, The Look pedals were the first and pioneers of a clipless pedal. before that it was all toe clips. and used with a cleat, it was crazy. you had a cleat that clipped into the pedal and then while you were riding you would reach down and pull the toe clip strap tight to lock your feet into the pedals, which was the best for pedaling efficency, but if you had to get out of the pedals quickly it was probably not gonna  happen and you went down with the bike. With the clipless pedals you could lock your feet onto the pedals but by twisting your foot you would unlock making getting out of the pedals under emergency situations alot easier. this made riding alot easier. this paved the way for the clipless pedal systems you see today from SPDs, Time, Egg beaters, speed plays, etc.


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