Fat bikes here I come!

So you may or may not be aware of a new trend in bicycling. its called Fat Bikes. and they are basically mountain bikes that have a lot larger tires. Fat bikes have been around for years, they were custom bikes that were used for snow racing. Then a bicycle company called Surly, started mass producing these bikes the bike was called a Pugsley It looked almost comical because of the huge tires. later on Surly came out with a bike with even larger tires appropriately called the “Moonlander”. and now today many companies are making fat bikes, companies such as Trek and Specialized are offering FatBikes along with Pacific Cycles owner Mongoose, and the revived Motobecane. the Mongoose has the entry level market with the Mongoose Beast ($199) and the Dolomite ($250). And Motobecane and Gravity has created a nice sub $1000 market. with Borealis, Salsa, Origin 8, Specialized, and Trek among numerous others getting in the $1000 and up bikes. Surly is still making their “Pugsley” and “Moonlander” along with other models like “Ice Cream Truck”

I have gone after the sub $1000 range of FatBikes and have picked up the Motobecane “Boris” this is the X7 model in Burnt Orange. I picked it up from Bikes Direct, they ship the bike straight to you,

Some Assembly required,


yup this is not a bike that you pick up from your Local Bike Shop. the setup work has to be done, at this point you have two choices

1. take the bike to the Local Bike Shop and pay them to setup the bike for you.

2. is Do it yourself! if you have the tools and the knowledge

I’m going with option 2.

1st Impressions:

Packaging: The bike was pretty well packed and there was no damage to the bike in transit. the picture above was just after i cut the front tire away and was able to pull the frame out of the box.


The paint job is really nice i like the color of the frame its a darker orange metallic. (don’t worry most of these Boris models came in other colors the X7 also came in Matte Black, Ocean Blue, and Lilac.) the posted specs for the bike and the actual bike were the same (to many times things change and you don’t quite get what you thought you were getting. ) welds are clean and complete. there is minimum badging on it. it has a Motobecane headbadge and sticker on the seat tube, along with Motobecane spelled out on the downtube, overall i think nicely understated.

I will post more pictures when i get the bike built and tuned up and give a first impression on the initial ride.

Im out.. Go West!


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