New Project: 1986 Trek 560

For my time with the local Bike Co-op i earned this classic 1986 Trek 560, this bike is in good shape, it is all original except for the tires and the possibly the Bar tape. the 560 was one of the top end Road Bikes for Trek in the mid 80’s in this case in 1986 there were two bikes that were above the 560 but i feel that the 560 is a more important bike that the 760 and 770, since the 560 was the only one of the three that had the Brand new Shimano 600EX SIS gruppo. this was a big deal  since this was the first gruppo that had the new Shimano Index System or SIS. which has changed the cycling industry since its introduction.  Almost all bikes now that have multiple gears use an indexed shifting system.


This 560 is in pretty good shape, its mostly all original, Down to the original Seat, water bottle cage and handlebars. As for what im gonna do with it, well it will stay mostly complete, although i was thinking about doing some upgrades so i can enjoy it more, which basically means updating the Pedals and Saddle .  Nothing to crazy just some mild updates on it.

Rear Deraileur: Shimano 600EX SIS

Front Deraileur: Shimano 600 ex 6200 Series

Shifters: Shimano 600EX SIS 6 Speed

Cranks: Shimano 600EX Biopace (will probably update to non Biopace Chainrings)

Pedals: Shimano 600EX Toe Clipped Pedal.

Brakes: Shimano 600EX

Brake Levers: Shimano 600EX (probably will change out to 105 SLR levers til the proper 600EX Aero hoods can be acquired)

Wheels : Stock Matrix Wheels with Bontrager Tires.

Seat: Stock San Marco Aero Suede Black leather.

Stem: “Custom” Stem 100mm


2 thoughts on “New Project: 1986 Trek 560

  1. What a nice bike. I am a big fan of the 80’s road bikes. I have a Raleigh Technium – luckily, that one is so common I didn’t feet I had to keep it stock. I upgraded the brakes and the rear hub (I tend to bend axles on old freewheel hubs) and it’s a great road bike.

    Thanks for sharing.

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