Project 1992 Specialized Crossroads Sport

A trip to the local goodwill i found a little score, a 1992 Specialized Crossroads Sport, these were interesting bikes with wide 700c wheel and mountain bike frame geometery. the componets originally were Suntour X1 7 speed accushift although most of the original stuff is gone and replaced with other pieces, most of the componetry will be swapped out for either better Suntour or some Shimano stuff. I am still undecided if it will run the 700c Cyclocross tires or get a  set of 1.8″ 29 er tires since they have the same bead seat diameter of 622mm. and the other part is i am not sure what kind of handlebars it will run i could go cyclocross style with drop bars or go mtn and use flat bars.. or ??? i dont know.


The Crossroads as i got it for 12$ at the local Goodwill, a friend bought the Trek 950 in the background for $25 bucks (good score)


“Specialized” Logo. The bike must have been out side for awhile since alot of the componentry was rusted

and the frame had lost its clear coat so that will be one of the things i will do is spray it with some clear coat to get the shine back


“Crossroads” Logo


Whats left of the componentry, alot of this will be pulled off since its not even correct for the bike or better.


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