Finishing up the 1988 Centurion Accordo





Finishing up the Centurion Accordo. this example is a 1988 Model. It still needs the handlebars taped and the cables properly capped.





Yes folks you read that right.. i’ve kept the BioPace chain rings. i know they are not that great. I’ve heard that they do more harm than good. but it was the “In” thing back in the Late 1980’s




Just need to dress the cables properly. I have updated this to a Shimano 105 7 Speed Derailuer.  Got the Derailuer and had to use it these RD-1055 units look nice. Its still 6 Speed but i will probably convert it to 7 Speed .. Maybe 600 Ultegra.




Gotta love the Centurion logo, with all the pastel colors and geometric just screams 80’s


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