Closer look at the frame details 1988 Centurion Accordo

The time: 1980’s late 80’s to be exact, Ronald Reagan is in office and the a extremely popular TV show called Miami Vice has been on the air and has influenced the western world, the bright geometric shapes in the logo has spread everywhere. From Trapper Keepers and Watches (yes the Swatch) to the bicycles.  in the middle of this trend is a bicycle brand called Centurion. since 1986 centurion had produced many two tone bikes and used alot of bright pastel colors. from the LeMans RS and the IronMan series. this trend was going strong.


Below the Iron Man series and the LeMans RS series was a little lesser known more basic bicycle, the Accordo.


Centurion Head Tube badge. Changed alot over the years since the first centurions in the early 1970’s. These head tube badges were a sign of the times pastel colors and geometric shapes.


Common thing that the frames were designed in the US and made in Taiwan. more pastel colors and geometric shapes.


Centurion logo had remained basically the same design for a couple years in 1988. More 80’s pastel colors and geometric shapes.


CR-MO meaning Chrome Moly Steel frame made from Tange Infinity class tubing. from what i understand Tange Infinity was not very good tubing the higher end centurions had the better Tange No. 1 tubing


Two tone paint changed in 1988 and this example being the Aqua and White version


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