1958 JC Higgins: Frame stripped ready for powder coat

Got the frame stripped and ready for powder coat. i had everything off except for the headset cup and the bottom bracket cups. but that was easily remedied when i took the frame into the local Bike CO-OP. a few minutes later the cups were out.

The last thing and most nerve rack was the removal of the JC Higgins head badge. The rivets were pretty rusty. but a spring loaded metal punch and a std punch made short work of it. minimal damage occurred.

I then finished stripping the frame. and made some notes below for reproducing the white head tube after the Powder Coat.

White part of the Down tube and Top Tube i measured at

Down/Top Tube (measured from Head tube to end of white paint.):

Low: 66mm

High: 108mm

From these two points just a natural curve one on each side of the frame L/R. Low point in the center of the top and bottom of each tube.


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