Motobecane Boris; A year in the life

2015 Motobecane Boris X-7

2014-12-26 13.58.26

Well its almost been a year since i purchased the Motobecane Boris. X-7

What is it? The Boris is what is termed a FatBike its basically a Mtn Bike with really fat tires. it was primarily used in really snowy conditions or in the Sand. there is a race in Alaska that uses alot of Fat Bikes called the “IditaBike” they use a 26×4.0 tire (some will use a even bigger tire a 26×5.0) Surley was the first to bring out a fat bike to the masses with the Surley Pugsley. It is a good bike but anymore has some mechanical items that are not up to par. Their new version of the Pugsley which is called the Ice Cream Truck is a nice bike. Specialized has entered the Fatbike Market with their Fat Boy and Trek also has one called the Farley

How much did i use it? Well during the Winter and the early Spring it was the only bike to leave the garage. Snow riding was alot of fun (and quite a workout) There was something about it how it just floated across the snow. Mostly any distance riding during late spring and summer, I chose other bikes. Although it did get some attention when i would ride it downtown.

Yeah but why a Motobecane? Well this was more a economic issue than any thing. Bikes like this are Seasonal and not the best all around bike to own, so i know that it wasnt going to get all the riding chores. The Motobecane Boris had a good mix of components that were Mid Level. but nothing that will add to the cost of ownership . Sure i could have bought a Specialized Fat Boy or a Trek Farley but i really didnt want to spend $2000.00+ for the bike. On the flip side i didnt want to buy the target level fat bike since they would not be up to most quality levels. the Boris Sat out in the middle with its SRAM X-7 Shifting on a 10 Speed Cassette and Avid BB5 Disc Brakes. They seemed to have a good price point for the specs.

Cable Disc Brakes??Why?: Well that goes back to the snow biking and the frigid cold. it would get so cold that the mineral Oil or the fluid that was being used in the Hydraulic disc Brakes would get so cold it would thicken up and cause the fluid to lock up at the caliper causing the brakes not to work. Cables do not have this problem.

2014-12-19 09.05.39

The Bike came with three different rim strips which when you have drilled rims will show through.  There was black Rubber, White and Blue (as seen below). I ran the blue for a while but picked up some Orange Surly rim strips and are using them currently.



1989 Centurion Ironman Expert

1989 Centurion Ironman before images:


60 CM frame, Frame gfx are in pretty good shape. alot of scratches on the frame itself. The rear wheel is incorrect for the bike. the brake cable is to short, not even enough to go through all of the braze ons. Brake levers are not the original Suntour GPX but DiaCompe Gran Compes. i did dig the red cables and red hood and bar tape ND0_0496

Original Suntour GPX Cranks with GPX front deraileur


Suntour GPX Rear Derailuer and replacement Shimano 7 speed Freewheel


Suntour GPX Brake calipers. they are kind of neat as they have hidden brake springs.. Look ma no springs.


Crazy late 80’s decals nothing could be without geometric shapes. higher quality frame with Tange #1 tubing


Logo says it all Expert IronMan Dave Scott.


If you would like to learn more about Centurion Bicycles

check out this site


1987 Centurion Dave Scott IronMan Expert

My latest acquistion, is a 1987 Centurion Dave Scott IronMan Expert. This bike is in great shape the frame has very little scratches. it is the Magenta and Yellow paint scheme which is mistaken for Pink quite regularly. This one is a 60cm Frame. it is mostly original except for a few pieces.

I have wanted one of these for many years, in fact since they came out, i remember seeing them at the Bike Shop and hoping one day i would own one. Now i do!


The 1987 Centurion Dave Scott Ironman Expert


Expert IronMan Logo on the Top Tube


1987 Centurion Logo


Original 105 SLR Brakes (1st year of Shimano 105), Original Seatpost


View of the rear wheel, incorrect Mavic Wheel and generic toe clip pedals

20150401_082659 Centurion Head Badge and 105 Brakes, 105 Headset.


T&C Surf Designs 1980’s Shirt Art





Ok who remembers these.. i know growing up in California in the 80’s these shirts were really popular, these were the designs i had shirts of, these were so cool and i was always excited to see the new designs coming out. unfortunately they dont make these shirts  anymore. but check out the artists website Steven Azar is his name and he is the creator of these and alot of other great material.